Young at Art Village
March 15, 2016
Chocolate Tasting
March 15, 2016

Teas of the World

Instructor: Steve and Cindy Walker
Sunday 11:30
Gourmet Village

About Chocolatea
Born and raised in Ingersoll, ON Cindy Walker loves her Oxford County roots and still resides here with her husband Steve. The area offers many things to inspire her from fresh produce to the local arts. As a Professional Chocolatier,  she also follows the artisan tradition of creating everything by hand, in small batches and without preservatives. With every handmade chocolate, she plans to excite the eye and intrigue the palate with works of art made from only the finest ingredients.

Cindy and Steve are also Tea Sommeliers with the Tea Association of Canada. Together they research only the finest teas with reputable suppliers that stand behind the Ethically Traded phrase in every sense.  All tea is sampled and approved by both Cindy and Steve before it will make the shelves of Chocolatea.

Join Tea Sommeliers Steve and Cindy Walker (Chocolatea) to sample a variety of teas from around the world.  Learn about the different varieties and the difference quality makes.

Contact Information
Phone:  (519) 495-6020
Address: 38 King Street East in Ingersoll, ON.