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June 13, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Suzanne Burns


My work has been described by others as contemporary symbolism with an earthy Canadian influence.  I would say that my art is of its own invention.

Being self-taught, the work I produce flows from a love of detail, humour and the observations of the world around me.  The characters I create hold secrets.  The combination of characters tells a story as seen through my eyes.  I entitle each peace with the hope that others will begin to see the hidden treasures within the composition.

People always ask where I start with my drawings.  The answer is in the eyes with no preconceived idea of who they belong to. So the adventure begins.  Do I see male or female eyes, will the character fly or swim…..only time will tell.  Suddenly, a baby bird is staring back at me from the inside of an egg that is tucked under a wing.  Perhaps a fish has been sent speeding forward by a swooping bird beneath its belly that is filled with lunch.  The message is at some point amusing, perhaps thoughtful or deep.

First and foremost I am a communicator with the hope of conveying a glimpse into my quirky world with its own philosophical view.

The Art of Suzanne Burns Drawings in Black Ink

Born in London Ontario, Suzanne is one of ten siblings.  This larger than life family along with its diverse expressions and achievements deeply influenced her as a communicator in both her writing and her art. Throughout her life, Suzanne`s interests gravitated towards the arts and the artistic expressions of others.  Some early accomplishments came during her high school years when she sold a logo design to a construction company as well as having her poetry published in two university papers. After marrying and moving to Stratford Ontario, Suzanne became a member of the Art in the Park Association and sold numerous works of art to both the local community and to tourists from across Canada and the United States.  She also was a feature artist at “Classic Art”, a popular art shop in the festival city. In the year of 1981, Suzanne along with her husband and two daughters relocated to Woodstock, Ontario.  It is here where they opened her husband`s practice, the “Olive Branch Natural Health Clinic.”  During this time, Suzanne discovered the colourful world of mural painting and enjoyed the challenge of large pieces for clients.  They worked together until they retired in 1998. The year 2009 delivered transformative change when Suzanne`s husband received a crucial heart transplant.  This resulted in an evolved expression of her art, where this self-taught artist produced what can only be called both spiritual and philosophical vision.  The result of confronting the organic, earthy connection with all creation and the human condition– with a wink!