Festival Concept

Learn about the passion behind the festival.

The Festival of Creativity: Just Try It!!!! The only expectation is self discovery.

Think back to the first time you were handed a coloured pencil, a musical instrument or a lump of clay.  With your excitement to try something new, you dove in with no regard for the final outcome.  The Festival of Creativity is your chance to bring that feeling back.

On September 15th, Oxford Creative Connections is bringing you a chance to try the arts like never before.  The South Gate Centre will be transformed into a colourful wonderland full of experiences to ignite all the senses.  Carve into soapstone, throw a pot on a pottery wheel or learn to design a masterful flower arrangement.  Creativity is just outside of your comfort zone.

With two solid days of craftsmen, artists, musicians, chefs, writers and historians all sharing, showing and inspiring, you’ll be inspired to be an artist yourself.  Attendees can choose to participate in introductory workshops of all kinds including jewellery making, painting or even a free guitar or banjo lesson.  Whether your interest is in art, cooking, music, writing or just observing, you will be entertained.

Celebrate the joy of experiential learning at our annual Festival of Creativity. We have created a collection of unique opportunities including the materials, tools and facilitators who will make it comfortable for people of all ages to come out and have fun, feel new sensations and enjoy live music. Discover the creative thinker in you.

If that’s not enough, you can be part of the art! Experience and engage in group art projects like our giant mural, be a canvas for henna or try expressing yourself through dance!

See.  Do. Taste. Be Entertained at the Festival of Creativity.